Tiamat Dodged a Bullet

Posted in Tiamat on November 16, 2010 by hanumandas

Husbandji called me this morning to let me know that his mother had fallen and he was racing to her side!

Apparently, Tiamat was spending the morning at the Italian Senior’s Club that she belongs to. She happened to sit down in a chair with her fat ass and it broke! Causing her to fall backwards and hitting her head against the wall!

And she wouldn’t let them call 911 or take her to a doctor! She only wanted her son!!!

So Husbandji¬†rushed over there and took her to the E.R., where they spent the next FOUR hours sitting in the waiting room, having to deal with the scum of our fair city (i.e., drunks, crazy people in wheelchairs, a woman in her underwear walking around with a jug of orange juice, etc. etc…)

Apparently, I missed quite the floorshow!

The doctors checked her out and even did a CAT scan, which revealed nothing. So except for some bruising and a headache she’s just fine.

Husbandji on the other hand is a nervous wreck, and is enjoying a large glass of wine, even as we speak.

Never a dull moment around here…


I First Knew I Was Gay…

Posted in Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!, Hunks, Television on November 15, 2010 by hanumandas

when I watched these two particular Saturday morning cartoons! They made me all tingly inside!!! Can you guess why? ūüėČ

I just loved Mightor’s club! (How Freudian of me!!!)

And I just LOVED Samson’s Power Bands! Imagine! Jewelry that can make you a muscle man! Where can I buy a dozen?!!

Careless Whisper

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A Blast from the Past, courtesy of Wham! Enjoy!!!

Hanuman Chalisa

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Get Outta My Way!

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It’s Kylie, Dahlings!!! What a perfect way to start the weekend! Enjoy!!

Thank You for Your Service…

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Minnie the Moocher

Posted in Rant! on November 10, 2010 by hanumandas

I keep a candy dish at my desk for any and all to enjoy.

I don’t ask for contributions. I do it out of the kindness of my cold, black, heart.

But, people can certainly donate either money or candy as they see fit towards it’s continued “bounty”. Otherwise it is a “Beggars can’t be Choosers” scenario.

There is a woman in my department who I call “Minnie the Moocher”, or just “Minnie” for short, because several times a day she stops by my desk to imbibe.

She has never said “thanks” or offered to bring anything in, again, not that I have ever asked anyone to do so,¬†but, in a small way her lack of gratitude¬†does bother me.

Today she announced to me, as she was imbibing from my bowl, ¬†that she was going to stop by her local drugstore today, because she noticed¬†when she was there last night that they had a bin of Halloween candy on sale for 75% off! I replied neutrally (all the while thinking; “Yeah! I’m sure that all that is left is the sucky candy that NOBODY wants or will eat, and it will sit in my bowl forever!”).

Gentle Readers, would it be so horrible for me to have some special candy ready for Minnie in the future if she does indeed bring in crap?

What would Miss Manners do? Hmmm….